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Jessica Forcellini reviewed Tribe Fitness Kenwood
via Facebook

My husband and I did our first Tribe workout this morning and WOW! I’m an avid runner who’s trying to get back in shape after baby #3 and the class totally kicked my butt! It was a great full body workout and Damien is a fantastic coach. He clearly explains the workout, demonstrates proper form and gives great feedback and gives individualized helpful encouragement and attention throughout the workout. If you need any modifications, he’s right there on top of it to help you out and tailor the exercise to you and your skill level. It’s a great intense workout to start your day with!

Chris Gier reviewed Tribe Fitness Kenwood
via Facebook

TRIBE is a fantastic program. Each class is easily adjusted to meet the needs of each individual, so someone like me (who rarely exercised before, and hates the gym) isn't left struggling to keep up, but the more active tribe members are not held back. Every one of us works to our limits, all at the same time. With the very small class sizes you get personal attention to what you need, and a close group of friends to bond with. It's the perfect balance of personal trainer and workout group. As someone who has never been fond of exercise, I find myself looking forward to going each day, and I highly suggest others try it as well.

Heather Tholking Lester reviewed Tribe Fitness Kenwood
via Facebook

Tribe with Damien is awesome! I love that we never do the same workout twice. He pushes you just the right amount, and is great about modifying the workout if you have an injury. I definitely feel stronger and would highly recommend trying Tribe with Damien!

Edgar F. Cantillo reviewed Tribe Fitness Kenwood
via Facebook

Great workout place. There is a variety of excercise sin every class to keep you on your toes. The small class size allows for a semi personalized trainer experience and people in the class are a blast. Each one of us goes there to work on its own, but the team spirit to push each other to complete each workout and camaraderie is great too.

Tracie Terrell Causey reviewed Tribe Fitness Kenwood
via Facebook

This has been so good for me. I’ve struggled to find something that fits in with my kiddos schedules while not having to sacrifice our time together as a family. Damien has been fantastic & you really get that personal training experience within the context of a small group work out. I’ve had several injuries in the past, but Damien is great on explaining proper technique & modifications.

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Top Three Benefits of Working out With a Loved One

There are few things quite like working out with a partner or spouse – a loved one of any sort.
No matter what type of workout you choose, there are some benefits to exercising
together. From perfecting your form to keeping each other motivated, you’ll find them here. Read on to find out more.

1) You can keep each other motivated
One of the most difficult things about an exercise regimen of any kind is sticking to it. You
might be tempted to take one day off, and that leads to a pattern of skipped practices and
classes. Working out with your loved one can keep you both motivated. You won’t be tempted
to stay on the couch together when you both want to to get up to go workout.

2) It’s easy to set up workout times since you know each other’s schedules
Another great thing about working out with your loved one is the fact that you
know each other’s schedules. You can set up your combined workout times a week or two in
advance, and if you need to reschedule, then you won’t have to worry about playing phone
tag. Having a set schedule can keep you both on track.

3) Workouts will be much more fun
Everyone loves spending time with their spouse or partner. Usually, that time consists of
relaxing in front of the television, cooking meals together, or even having a date night. A workout can be just another thing that the two of you do together.
You’ll have plenty of fun together. When both of you enjoy spending time on the gym floor
together, your relationship – and your fitness levels – will grow stronger.

There are three clear benefits to working out with your loved one, plus some additional ones
not covered here in detail.  You’ll also have more fun while doing so, and nothing makes a workout better
than this. Between the additional motivation, the set times, and many other benefits, you’ll
become a better martial artist in no time.